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 Who we are


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Already established as a comic book illustrator for several years in the field of graphic illustration, Bartache is a talented artist aiming to get involved in the social and economic environment through his custom achievements. His works are the result of great expertise acquired through a colourful imagination and a unique view of the artist.


Bertrand Jeanbart (known as Bartache) made ​​his first professional steps in comics in 2002, during the launch of a joint project with The Sainte-Justine Hospital of Montreal for children with congenital metabolic disease. More than just a cartoon, this comic book is a tool for understanding and learning. Amino… Et la génétique, c’est quoi une maladie métabolique ? was published in 2002 as a limited edition for the children of Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal. Here is the preamble: “Sprung from an idea developed by Yollande Lefèvre, these pages are the result of teamwork collaboration by Bertrand, Grant, Jean-Pierre and the aforementioned.
Funding for the project comes from the dedication of the organizers of the 11th edition of the Pierre Larose tournament. This cartoon has the goal of understanding hereditary diseases of protein metabolism and the importance of diet to defeat them.

Amino… Et la génétique, c’est quoi une maladie métabolique ? ISBN-2 922770-38-9

Ritz-Accueil-WEBFrom 2005 to 2008, Bartache was Director of Graphic Arts at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal hotel. His tasks were to coordinate the various requests from departments to carry out projects in the appropriate time. Also, depending on the nature of the projects, the graphic style was adapted as required. Sales departments, restaurants (menus and different types of banquets), human resources, technical maintenance, administration, reception, reservations, parking, house keeping, concierge, and department of accommodation were most often involved.

At the same time, Bartache dediBD_NIKan70cated his time to different kinds of comic projects. Most of these projects reflect the creative spirit of the artist committed to the pursuit of social progress in all dimensions of human activity.
Indeed, in the political race for the leadership of the NDP party in 2012, Bartache was asked to produce a cartoon poster showing the motivations of the candidate Niki Ashton. Upon reflection, this conclusion emerged:
The effort devoted to the race of the NDP leadership is not the result of chance, but rather the result of political conviction, which, in the eyes of other federal parties, is the best alternative to making great strides in Canada.

All candidates of the NDP leadership carry with them an implacable will to lead Canada towards its destiny, a land where the individual is at the centre of interest and where the social and environmental commitment reflects this reality.

Niki Ashton stands out from the other candidates by her avant-garde, courage, hard work, intelligence and love of the country. She is above all a transparent leader who is devoted to all Canadians. Also, by considering her human approach, she is an exceptional person who deserves more than our attention, but our support.

This reflection leads the final work.

Regardless of the dimension of human activity or the addressed topic, it is important to understand the treaty. A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore it is not enough to know how to draw a cartoon; it is important to properly articulate and convey the intended message. From there, we get to the most important step in cartoon making: the script.


Upon arrival at the site, the internet user will discover the different graphic styles through past achievements. Also, some articles related to the field of comics and graphic news spice these pages and provide a reference. A contact page will provide the details necessary for those seeking Bartache`s professional services. Comments will be appreciated.

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