Belgian Centre for Comic Strip

Belgian Centre for Comic Strip 



Double blow for visiting this museum a “historic” because discovery is installed in Waucquez warehouse (built by Victor Horta in 1906 to accommodate a trade tissue), and original content – comics – in a rich in light and space site.

The museum is an important place in the history of the comic strip in Belgium, with Hergé undoubtedly the leader of a squad famous international: enlargements of drawings, reconstructions of elements in three dimensions (the famous rocket used by Tintin to go into space), etc..

On the mezzanine, the Espace Saint-Roch is reserved for the exhibition, by regular rotation of 200 units, the collection of 7,000 original drawings. Hergé is a space to discover since 2005.Tintin-au-Tibet-WEB (Bartache Note: In the thumbnail shown, taken from Tintin in Tibet, Hergé presents a panoramic mountain cut over the last three boxes. Note well the angle of view varies when moving characters who go off, it is actually the look of the Yeti that moves horizontally from right to left. Here’s an example of the genius of Hergé. Latter, attention to detail, we track through the words that holds the captain Hadock, especially in cases 2 and 3).

The didactic component has not been forgotten: the invention of the BD is a journey through time starting with rock art and ending with modern printing methods.

On the second floor, the Museum of the Imagination has over 30 years of creating comics in Belgium. Hergé is a space opened in 2005. Two exhibitions await visitors on the third floor. Back on the ground floor to indicate that it has a library, the largest in the world Bedetheque, fully computerized, which has over 80,000 books available on-site consultation and a specialized library, of course, comics . Good to know: the reading room relax adjoining library allows everyone to devour comics in peace … To everyone – parents, children 7 to 77 years!